the secret of agricultural success in the Netherlands

What is the secret of agricultural success in the Netherlands?

Holland’s agriculture story is full of lessons that the world needs to learn. The Netherlands, a small country with 17 million people, has become the world’s second-largest food exporter
This country is deprived of almost all resources needed for large-scale farming.
The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of food products after the United States, which has 270 times more agricultural land.
The Netherlands is the largest exporter of tomatoes, potatoes and onions and the second largest exporter of vegetables in the world.
A third of global trade originates in edible vegetable seeds from the Netherlands.
These achievements are achieved only in 94 square kilometers of the greenhouse (s). The area of Tehran is 730 square kilometers.
What is the secret of success?
The secret of Dutch success is the use of superior technology and advanced greenhouses in agriculture. These technologies have greatly increased harvest per hectare.
An example of the technology used in the Netherlands:
With some sensitive sensors, some key products have been saved in water consumption by up to 90%.
In the Netherlands, there are 15 types of tomatoes with a height of 6 m, whose roots are located not in the soil but in brain solutions.
The Netherlands has completely abandoned the use of chemical pesticides. Since 2009, chickens, livestock and poultry producers have reduced the use of antibiotics by about 60%.
Farmers use geothermal energy to regulate greenhouse temperatures.
Hydroponic agriculture, in which soil-free products grow with brain solutions, dramatically reduce water consumption and costs.
The secret of advances in research is at the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands.
It is the world’s best agricultural research institute.
If the United States holds the Silicon Valley of California as the center of technological innovation in the world, the Netherlands also has the Food Valley as the World Research Center for Agriculture.
If the University of California is the center of gravity of Silicon Valley America, the University of Wageningen is also the center of gravity of the But Netherlands.

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