This system works as same as central heating and is made of steel or cast iron. Water is warmed by burners then water is sent to green house by using of special electro motors. Hot water is distributed through spiral or simple pipes. That are made of polyethylene or galvanized sheets and are assembled on the floor or above the floor at a height of 10 or 20 centimeters. then cold water will turn back again to the boiler through the main pipe. To improve the process, engine house is usually in a place lower than the greenhouse level.

Boilers advantages:

  • Provide the same Temperature in green house.
  • Prevention of cold weather through the walls that causes low qualities in productions.
  • Prevention of drain pipe freezing.
  • Reduction of fuel costs.
  • No emissions of carbon monoxide caused by combustion
  • Use the floor pipes as cart rail.
  • Use the roof pipes to move the automatic pesticide sprayers.
  • Provide a central system to control the Temperature.