Leaf picker trolley

The Leaf picker trolley gives you the best solution for cutting or breaking your tomato leaves as efficiently as possible. It helps your employees to carry out their activities ergonomically.

The Leaf picker trolley is characterised by a sustainable and sophisticated design. The trolley is easy to clean thanks to its smooth exterior.
The controls are very simple, with options for the direction of travel, the speed and an emergency stop.

The Leaf picker trolley is light, versatile, and easy to manoeuvre over the concrete path. Any desired working height can be selected between 5 and 40 cm above the pipe. This makes the trolley very versatile.

Leaf disposal.
Leaf disposal can be realised simply by optionally mounting attachments between the pipes or under the gutter.

Drive gear
A compact, electronic drive control ensures optimal control in the entire range. From a crawl to maximum speed (45 metres per minute).


Technical specifications

Platform length: 60 cm
Platform width: 45 cm
Trolley length: 132 cm
Min. height: 9 cm
Max. height: 45 cm
Motor power: 0.18 kW
Carrying capacity: 100 kg
Weight: 125 kg
Max. speed (m/min) 45
Traction battery: 24/60 (V/Ah)
Track widths: 45.5-8 cm


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