The BENOMIC is the new standard in the field of pipe rail trolleys; fast, simple and hygienic. The 4-scissors version of this pipe rail trolley can reach a height of 570 cm.

The pipe rail trolley has a smooth design, making it easy to keep clean. There are no nuts, bolts or holes where dirt can accumulate. Also, your crops do not suffer damage from sharp corners or protruding parts.

The motor is rated at 0.37 kW. This ensures a running speed of 60 m per minute. The raising and lowering speed of the hydraulic scissors is at least 0.25 m per second. The rotary switch controls are well-arranged and easy.

You can raise the trolley straight upwards with just one press on the button. Various lifting wheels are possible.

The BENOMIC is available as a 2, 3 or 4 scissors version. View the specifications.


Benomic technical specifications

Length (cm) 193
Width (cm) C/C + 19
Platform length (cm) 170
Platform width (cm) 42
Min. height (cm) 63
Max. height (cm) 440*
Carrying capacity (kg) 120
Weight (kg) 450
Max. speed (m/min) 60
Traction battery (V/Ah) 24/110
Rail widths (cm) 42 – 80


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