Benomic EasyKit

The Benomic EasyKit is a simple, affordable pipe rail trolley. The platform can be adjusted manually. So it is ideal for use when carrying out activities at a fixed height.

Work platform
The pipe rail trolley offers a spacious workplace which can be fixed at any required height with an ingenious ratchet system. More or less treads can be clicked in depending on the chosen platform height.

The safety railing is a fixed part of the platform, thus guaranteeing employee safety. The platform has optimal accessibility because a door has been mounted on both sides.

The EasyKit is short, light and extremely versatile, both on the pipe rail and on the concrete path. Its minimal weight means that no lifting system is required. The trolley is easy to move with its swivelling wheels or central wheels.

Drive gear
It is driven by a powerful, reliable 24V electromotor. This achieves a maximum variable speed of 40 metres a minute.

The trolley has no hydraulic systems, so there is little chance of technical issues. Maintenance is simple and can be done in-house with the optional service packages


Technical specifications

Trolley length: 174 cm
Trolley width: c to c. + 10 cm
Platform length: 110 cm
Platform width: 45 cm
Min. height: 40 cm
Max. height: 280 cm
Step-up height: 15 cm
Carrying capacity: 120 kg
Weight: 165 kg
Max. speed (m/min): 40
Batteries: 24V / 60Ah/5h 75Ah/20h
Track widths: 42 – 80 cm


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